Anatomy of Anatomize

I get a lot of requests asking for pages similar to that I posted for the making
of Thanatopsis "Axiology". On that page I gave a song by song description of
who played on what . I'm going to do that here as well, though not in such detail
as a lot of the same instruments were used in the making of this CD as "Axiology",
so if you look at that page you can get a lot of info about "Anatomize" as well.

The next most popular question is "how do you create the songs on these CD's?
Since the name of this CD is "Anatomize" I thought I would take apart the song
"Simper" and dissect it for you. If you download this mp3 "Anatomy of Simper",
you can follow along. Not all Thanatops projects songs were created
the same way, but in the case of "Simper", it went like this:

The first part of the mp3 shows how I first outlined the song structure. I worked out the cord
changes and recorded the Fender Rhodes to a click track. I haven't included the click
on the mp3 so as not to be so annoying. The next part of the mp3 shows the next step
in the building of the song with the overdubbing of the Hammond B3
(it actually enters a bit later but was recorded next), strings and bass.
Next you hear Bucketheads first overdubbed guitar, in this case a Fender Telecaster.
The next step is the three of us, Ramy playing my studio Gretsch drum kit,
Buckethead, playing the Les Paul and me, playing the Moog synth, take
the final pass. You can download the entire finished mix of the song here.


"Anatomize" was a long journey. I recorded lot's of tracks that, as usual were idea's
I had for a solo record. The direction of the record was all over the map.
Some sounded a lot like the first "Thanatopsis" CD, some similar to "Population Override"
some even went into "Gorgone" territory. In the end we continued the esthetic "Axiology" represents,
with a little of everything else thrown in.
So with that in mind I culled out stuff that I thought didn't work in this context,
and we continued to pursue the direction this CD represents because we enjoyed
it so much. We made this record for us, but I hope you enjoy it too.



The Fender Telecaster and Hammond B3 used on most of "Anatomize".

The Gretsch drum kit used on the record. A close look at the
Ludwig Black Beauty used on almost every track.

Track 1. Counter Clockwise
Keyboards are, Fender Rhodes, Moog lead and Moog bass.

Guitars are Tele and Les Paul on leads.
drums are pretty much the same set up on most tracks
as the photo above.

Track 2. Break Even Point
Keyboards are B3, Moog lead and bass.
Guitars are both Tele and Les Paul

Track 3. Vitreous Humor
Keyboards are, Rhodes, the synth is a Prophet 5 and Moog bass.
I'm using an arpeggiator on one of the Moog lines.
Guitars are Tele and Les Paul on the leads.

Track 4. Pollyanna
Keyboards: Rhodes, Prophet 5, B3, Strings, Moog bass.
Guitar is the Les Paul.

Track 5. Prolix Mood
This track was the most work for me. I had a pretty delicate theme but
I wanted to create a real dense orchestration of different elements. This song is
a collage, a sum of it's parts. I wanted to see how dense it could be
and still hang onto the melody.
Keyboards: everything really.
Lots of guitar parts played with both the Tele and Les Paul.

Track 6. Common Ground
Keyboards: Rhodes. Moog lead
Guitars: Tele and Buckethead plays the bass.

Track 7. Unnerved
Keyboards: Piano, Prophet5, B3, Moog bass.
Guitar was the Telecaster.

Track 8. Simper
Keyboards: Rhodes, B3, strings, Moog lead and bass.
Guitars:Tele and Les Paul.

Track 9. Broca's Area
Another dense track. I did a lot of Moog programming for this one.
Keyboards: Moog, Rhodes, Moog bass.
Guitars: Tele and Les Paul.

Track 10. Cross Section
Keyboards: Rhodes, Prophet 5, Strings. Moog bass.
Guitar was the Les Paul.
Ramy threw a bed sheet over the whole kit while laying down this track.
The sheet dampens the drums and adds an old time compressed sound.