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About DJ Bonebrake

  • History and Credits

    Drums and Vibes

    For almost 40 years, DJ has been the engine that powers the band X.

    X's critical acclaim as a groundbreaking band, and its power to draw a wide range of listeners and gain the admiration of young, talented musicians and songwriters, is largely responsible for its influencing many important bands to come. Bands like Pearl Jam, who recently asked X, a band formed almost four decades ago, to open for them.

    In addition to X's obvious songcraft, it is the unique power of the music that immediately draws you in. This propulsion is largely the invention of DJ.

    On first listen, it's obvious X is not just (and maybe not even) a punk band and DJ is not just a punk drummer. He has a unique style that uses incredibly musical tom-tom grooves to orchestrate each of the sections of a song, all the while maintaining the backbeat feel that is the hallmark of rock. His attention to song structure, how to set up each transition and then compose the perfect groove syncopating all parts of the kit with the song are some of what makes him stand out as an important and influential drummer.

    Unlike a lot of rock drummers, DJ did not just pick up sticks and start playing in bands. He studied classical and jazz percussion, orchestral drumming, vibes and marimba in school, and took instruction from renowned drum teacher Murray Spivack. Between his formal music education and his highly regarded work with X, DJ has become a sought-after session drummer.

    In addition to solo works by all his X bandmates, DJ has recorded with:

    Michael Penn
    Rip Masters
    Jason Everley
    Michael Blake
    Eleni Mandell
    Viggo Mortensen
    Syd Straw
    Joe Strummer
    John Lee Hooker
    Steve Wynn
    The Germs
    Eliza Gilkyson
    Skip Heller
    Ray Campi
    Mark Governor
    Auntie Christ
    The Dark Bob
    Three Bad Jacks
    The Knitters
    Ramblin' Jack Elliott
    Orchestra Superstring
    Mike Corcoran
    The Stripminers
    Travis Dickerson
    Top Jimmy
    Jimmie Wood and the Immortals
    Jan King
    Heidi Rodewald
    The Eyes
    Alix Lambert
    Dead Rock West
    Lysa Flores
    Psycho Charger
    Susan James
    The World Takes
    Crosby Tyler
    Falling Moon
    Gasoline Silver
    Tony Gilkyson
    Norman Kelsey
    Three Bad Jacks
    and many others.

    DJ is also a talented vibraphonist and is sought after to play mallet instruments for both recording and live situations. Some of these recording credits include,


    Ricky Lee Jones
    Paula Cole
    Lucinda Williams
    Mandy Moore
    Mariachi la Bronx
    The Wilson Sisters
    Anne Magnuson
    Eleni Mandell
    Steven Bernstein
    Los Strait Jackets
    Elliott Caine
    Bob Drasnin
    The Flesheaters
    Orchestra Superstring
    The Bonebrake Syncopators
    Amy Alison
    The Riverboat Gamblers
    The Grabs
    Victoria Williams
    Hula Girls
    Gexa X