Online Studio Drum Services

How It Works

  • Rates per song

    Basic per song rate is $325.
    This rate includes DJ and the studio time to record one track. It also includes one revision session should changes be necessary. We want to be sure you are 100 percent happy with your track. If you still feel more changes are needed, we charge $150 for each revision session.

    Rates per album

    If you record between 10 and 12 tracks, we will throw in one track at no charge. If you do 15, we will include 2.

    Song definition

    A song is defined as up to 6 minutes running time. A $75 charge per minute is applied after that.

  • Formats

    We are currently using Pro Tools HD 8.1.1. If you are using Protools, you can send your session.
    If you are using a higher version than 8.1.1, use the "Save Copy In" menu and save a copy for PT 8.
    Please choose either 44.1 or 48 khz sampling rate. If you are using any other format or you only want to send stem mixes, consolidate all your tracks so they are single WAV files all starting from bar one beat one of your session. Name them bass, guitar, vocal and so on.
    We can also do stereo mixes without drums if that's what you prefer to send. We need to know the tempo, file types and so on, so please fill out the submissions form here:
    Submissions Form
  • How we record

    We EQ to tape but don't apply compression to tape.
    We use compression, phase switching, reverb and some additional EQ in the mix you receive, but we assume these are things you would like to do in your mix, so you receive just the drum tracks as recorded.
    If you would like to receive processed tracks or stems, that's a service we can provide; contact us.
    More information on exactly how we record can be found here: Recordings
  • What you get back

    Once we have finished your drum track we will email you a mix. Let us know what you think.
    If you need for us to make any changes, let us know and we will correct or change anything you need. Once you are happy, we will use "WeTransfer" to send you the individual drums tracks, in a folder as WAV files starting at bar one beat one. You will receive these tracks:
    Kick drum
    Snare bottom head
    Hi tom
    Middle tom
    Low tom
    Overhead left
    Overhead right
    Sub kick (NS10)
    If the song indicates it, a pair of room mics (these we do compress to tape).
    For more technical information about mics, mic placement, processing and more, see the "Recordings" page here: Recordings