Coop sweepings sale.

Items listed here are being offered for sale. Bids will be accepted for the next 7 days.
At the end of each day the highest bid price will be posted here. This is a private auction, your private information and bid will not be made public.
At the end of 7 days, the highest bidder will be contacted and offered the item and given instruction on how to pay.

NOTE!: Please bid at least $10.00 above the current bid. The winning bid will have to be a least $10.00 above the next highest bid.
I will be emailing the higest bidders and asking them to email me back confirmation of the sincerity of their bid and confirm our email communication.
You may feel free to email me at if you are bidding and want to make sure you won't be elemeted because of email problems.
The winning bid will have to be confirmed within 24 hours of the auction close or the next highest bidder will be notified.

Remember, this is not ebay, there is no reserve bidding, your bid is your bid.