Axiology Track by Track

Travis Dickerson

Piano, Hammond B3 and Hammond C2 with Leslie 122 and 147, Mini Moog, Virus, Tokyo, Fender Rhodes Suitcase, Yamaha CP-80
B3 used on Pretzel Logic Vicious Circle and New Year.
Fender Rhodes used on Cult of One and Non Sequitur

Ramy Antoun

Gretsch Drums, here with 13" rack and 16" floor tom and 22" kick drum. On some tracks 8",10",12",14" or 18" toms were used. Main kick was 20",22" (here), or 24". A second very old 28" kick is (pictured on Ramys left) and is used for effect on some of the tracks (see the track to track below). Snares were mostly very old Ludwigs or Slingerlands (here a Ludwig is the main snare with another tuned tightly on Ramys left.
At the big kick with bells
At one of the smaller setups

Buckethead played his custom Les Paul for all the electric guitar parts, acoustic guitars were Yamaha steel string and a Yamaha gut string. Amps were a Mesa Recto or Peavey 5150 going to a 4X10 cabinet, miced with a Royer 121 and a Sony C37 tube mic. A lot of guitar parts were recorded direct through a Neve 1073 mic pre after going through hundreds of stomp boxes.
Les Paul ( custom made for Buckethead by Gibson)
Pedal used everywhere including the bass part on New Year
Pedal used for the note bending solo on track 9
Amp used for the song "Axiology" and other solos

1. Nostrum
Buckethead played his Yamaha acoustic plugged directly in to the board and overdubbed
his white Les Paul directly to a Neve 1073 pre amp to tape for the lead guitar.
Keys are just piano and a violin and cello sample I love. I played the bass on a Mini Moog. Ramy used
the 22" kick drum and one of his vintage Ludwig steel snare drums.

2. Pretzel Logic
Buckethead played rhythm guitars plugged directly in but the leads were through his 5150 amp
and miced. Keyboards were piano, Hammond B3 through a Leslie 122 cabinet and the Virus synth.
Bass was Mini Moog. You can hear Ramy's 28" kick drum on the breaks and his use of two different
snare drums.

3. Vicious Circle
Here Buckethead is going through a chain of pedals going direct in. He's switching pedals and tone
for every go round of the form. Keys are Hammond B3, piano and mini moog bass. Ramys using a 20"
kick drum on this.

4. Cult of One
Buckethead plays a steel string acoustic and his Les Paul through a 5150 amp for the leads.
I'm playing the Fender Rhodes and a cello sample. The bass is mini moog. Ramy is using a digital delay
that he triggers from a Pedal, you can hear it kick in during the second half of the verses, the drums double
back on themselves then decay off.

5. Pyre
This is buckethead playing slapping bass and a picking electric guitar part I'm playing a moog synth and strings.
Ramy is using a 20" kick drum.

6. New Year
Buckethead is playing a steel string acoustic guitar for both the rhythm and solo track. Buckethead also plays
the bass on a Fender P-Bass through his micro synth pedal.
I'm playing piano, B3 and strings. Ramy has an 8"
tom on the kit and he played shakers, tambourine and bells as well.

7. Gnash
Buckethead is playing his Les Paul through many pedals direct to tape. Keys are piano, Virus synth and
Moog bass. Drums are set up with the 22" kick.

8. Axiology
Keys are piano, cello and Virus synth. Bass is the Moog. Buckethead is playing through his 5150 amp.
Ramy is using the 20" kick drum.

9. Non Sequitur
Guitar is going direct through a bunch of pedals. The solos went through Buckets Mesa Recto amp.
Keys are piano, Virus and Tokyo synths and the Fender Rhodes. Bass was the Moog. Ramys using
13" and 16" toms
and 22" kick.

10. Top of the World Ma ( from White Heat, if your wondering)
Guitar is the Les Paul through the 5150. Keys are piano strings, Tokyo and Virus synths and Moog bass
Drums are 10",12", and 16" toms and 24" kick.


Last word:
If your reading this before you have heard Axiology and you are a fan of the first Thanatopsis CD, this recording
is not Thanatopsis II. After the first CD Buckethead and I became interested in exploring some more melancholy
and melodic ideas, they are represented here by tracks like Nostrum, New Year and Cult of One. Even Axiology
and Top of the World probably would not have fit on the first record although several of the tracks here would have.
Now I don't mean to say we are about to bring out the bubble blowing machine but I do want to mention that between
the first CD and this one we took a couple of left turns and this CD is the result, we hope you enjoy it.- Travis