Travis Dickerson Recording Studios

Travis Dickerson
The Owl Dives Through The Crescent Moon

Travis Dickerson - piano - B3 - vocals
Lindy Dickerson - guitar
Paul Ill - bass
D.J. Bonebrake - drums

Thanks for your interest in my new record. I think rather then just drop this with no explanation, a preamble of sorts is warranted. I know most of the interest, if any, in my music is based on the dozen or so records I have made and released on this site over the last 15 years. This CD bears no resemblance to those. This CD was inspired by a milestone year and a desire to express it in a stripped-down, thick- and-crunchy rock record.

All my CDs released here so far have been instrumental records. Although I really enjoy making instrumental records, there is an expression that can be realized only in a vocal record. A need to tell a story and the emotion the human voice imparts to that story. There is a craft and challenge to songwriting I have always enjoyed, and somewhere a decade ago I got sidetracked and left that part of my writing aside.

So that brings us to this record. I knew what I wanted to say and I knew who I wanted to play on it, but I didn't know who I wanted to say it. I did all the vocals as a demo for the real singer. In the process I came to feel that if I wanted to be honest, this is my story and I should be the one to tell it.

So, it's all me, for better or worse. I know I'll leave a lot of folks behind, but I still needed to do it. So, rather than blindly subjecting you to this music, I am offering an EP of three of the songs as a free download in the humble hope that you will come to enjoy it in some small part as much as I enjoyed making it.


Full CD in a digipak is now available and shipping.


3 full songs from the CD are available as a free download EP

This record was mixed and mastered to be played loud, not to sound loud. Turn it up.